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- Feel the slowing of time (1) Traiter
- All your stupid ideals, got your head in the cloud, you should see how it feels, with your feet on the ground (1) Traiter
- No hell below us (1) Traiter
- Imagine all the people sharing all the world (1) Traiter
- Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can (1) Traiter
- You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one (1) Traiter
- A brotherhood of man (1) Traiter
- It sounds very nice (1) Traiter
- It's time to take a cigarette (1) Traiter
- Our traveling is over (1) Traiter
- Take my hand (1) Traiter
- I wanna show you something that you've never seen (1) Traiter
- Wake up now (1) Traiter
- Please, please, please, let me get what I want (1) Traiter
- Good times for a change (1) Traiter
- Freedom of silence is gold nowadays (1) Traiter
- The scamp (2) Traiter
- Leaving things undone (1) Traiter

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