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Images of Immensity

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The spectacle is so great, and we are so small Sensation of the sublime, Nietzsche believed in the resurrection of civilization by esthetics.

Caspar David Friedrich - Evening Landscape with Two Men

Caspar David Friedrichs canvasses often represent characters contemplating grandiose scenes.

To see a world in a grain of sand / And a heaven in a wild flower / Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour William Blake

There are approximately 6,912 languages in the world. India alone has 454 living

Caspar David Friedrich - The hiker above the sea of fog

To shrink before the immensity of the world, to expose yourself to the sublime Mathias Malzieu

Look Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom. The Lion King

Death isnt something horrible, something to avoid, to defer, but rather a constant companion. An extraordinary sense of immensity is born from this perception. Krishnamurti

Mathematics arent of a lesser immensity than the sea. Victor Hugo

Monosyllable words have a strange capacity to be immense: sea, night, day, good, bad, death, yes, no, god. Victor Hugo

Immensity is not chimeric, in regards to the grandeur of my sentiments. Lea Trent

Man need not travel to grow, he carries immensity within him. Chateaubriand

Caspar David Friedrich - Landscape on Rgen with rainbow

That limitlessness where man feels himself, in part, limited. Tolsto

Saint Augustine conceived God as an immense substance penetrating everywhere through infinite space all over the world, widespread without limit in immensity. Dieu, ma mre et moi Franz-Olivier Giesberg

Modern man is colossal because of the enormity of responsibilities that weigh him down and minuscule before the immensity of tasks that call out to him from every direction. Abb Pierre in Testament

In short:

In 1972, a Spanish postman named Gabriel March Granados received a sentence of 384,912 years of prison time for not having delivered 42,768 letters, a ratio of 9 years of prison per letter.

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the countries of the world combined.

If you spend one day on each island in the Philippines, you would need nearly 21 years to visit them all.

Out of more than 4000 films produced each year in all the world, about 700 unpublished films are released each year on French screens.

The most luminous entity in the universe is 420 trillion times more luminous than our sun.

The global money supply is 100,000 billion dollars.

There are more cellular connections in our brains than there are stars in the universe.

Caspar David Friedrich - View of Schmiedebergerkamm

If a man tried to count up all the connections between his neurons (dendrites and axons), giving only one second to each one, it would take him 32 million years.

Our brains have a storage capacity of 1 petabyte (10 to the power of 15), in other words, the equivalent of the storage capacity of the current web.

According to Mark Zuckerberg (interviewed in Le Point), our brains can produce 1 terabyte of data per second, the equivalent of 40 films in HD. (The question is: what is in that 1 terabyte?)

101 million separate accounts published at least one YouTube video in 2018. Other numbers: by December 31st, 2018, YouTube had 1 billion hours of content, 28 trillion views, 33 billion comments

All industry, all business will en up being an immense bazaar, where well stock up on everything Emile Zola

1.3 Billion tons of food are wasted per year, three times the volume of Lake Leman.

Some Chinese authors keep records that date back to 96 million years before our era.

The production of a pair of blue jeans needs, in total, a long haul of 30,000 kilometres to reunite all of the materials and components

Caspar David Friedrich - Moonrise over the Sea

A human being breathes about 22,000 times per day.

A human being has about 100,000 billion bacteria in his or her intestines, 1,000 billion on their skin. The total of bacteria in other body cavities borders on 100 billion.

Francois Mitterand is far from being the record setter in terms of the number of pardons granted during his presidency.

Bitcoin is responsible for as much carbon emissions as Sri Lanka.

The human body loses 100 million cells every 60 seconds.

Our brains have 100 billion neurons connected by almost 10 to the power of 14 synapses.

Caspar David Friedrich - Landscape With Mountain Lake, Morning

The total amount of worldwide debt (households, businesses, and countries) was 178 billion dollars in June 2018, 234% of the global GDP.

100,000 microorganisms are capable of colonising a single grain of sand.

The fabrication of a single sheet of A4 white paper involves more than thirty countries. The starch comes from Czech potatoes, the wood is Finnish, the transport is Dutch

The legal limit of financial transactions is the nanosecond, which means that we can exchange a bag of rice a billion times per second on the financial markets.

The most modern Chinese computers can carry out 93 million billion operations per second. In 2020, they will carry out 1 billion billion operations per second, humanity will produce 1,000 billion billion pieces of data each week.

Ocean water is renewed every 4,000 years by the water cycle.

Vanilla is the only orchid with edible fruit.

There are between 200 and 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are more than 1,000 billion galaxies in space.

Laneika (which means immeasurable paradise in a Hawaiian dialect) is a cluster of 100,000 galaxies that revolve around an object that is called the Grand Attractor"

Caspar David Friedrich - Woman at a Window

There are approximately 3,560 species of mosquitos.

The mosquito causes 750,000 deaths each year, man causes 450,000 deaths each year. Next is the snake (50,000 per year), the dog, due to rabies (50,000), the crocodile (1,000), the hippopotamus (500), and the wolf and the shark (10).

Fleury-Merogis is the biggest prison in Europe, with 4300 inmates and 1300 guards.

Producing a 1-kilogram steak uses as much water as one year of daily showers. And at the same time, 40% of the global population suffer from water. shortages

Half of the consumption of drinkable water is used for the production of meat and dairy products (80% in the USA).

The production of 1 kilogram of meat requires the same surface area as growing 200 kilograms of tomatoes or 160 kilograms of potatoes. A hectare of land can feed two carnivores or 50 vegetarians.

During the great Ethiopian famine of 1985, Ethiopia exported millions of tons of grain intended for English livestock.

Between 50,000 and 75,000 Crocus Sativus flowers are needed to collect one pound of saffron, which is considered the more expensive food product in the world.

Although only 2,000 copies were originally printed, History of a Soul, by Therese de Lisieux, has sold 500 million copies and been translated into more than 50 languages.

Caspar David Friedrich - The Garden Terrace

Julia Butterfly Hill, an American militant environmentalist, lived at the top of a sequoia tree for 738 days to stop it from being cut down.

"Our need for consolation is impossible to satiate", Essay br Stig Dagerman

Francois Mitterand wrote 1,218 love letters to the woman who he loved.

Julien Guerraz (partage de liens internet culturels)

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